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Since 1980, we are industry expert in providing best quality packaging solution to our clients. Our more than three decades of packaging experience has helped us in developing new and improved packaging techniques, and herbal incense packaging is our latest one. Currently, we are largest stock holder of printed and unprinted incense bags and potpourri sachets. Our dedicated team of employees has helped us in retaining our market standings. Our team of researches has worked intensely hard in developing best quality incense bags and potpourri sachets.

We are well are about the fact that essence of herbs come out best, when it stored in a best quality herbal incense packaging. Incense bags and potpourri sachets should be carefully manufactured to ensure originality of fragrance and other beneficial properties of the herbs. Herbs packaging would be bizarre, if it does not able to hold herb’s properties. We provide best packaging solution to hold aroma of the herbs for longer period of time. Due to this, even if you use your incense bags or potpourri sachets after long time, you will not be disappointed of losing its fragrance.

Why choose our Packaging Solutions?

  • Our potpourri sachets and herbs packaging products are made to keep your product fresh and aroma of herbs intact.
  • Our potpourri sachets and herbal incense bags will protect herbs from moisture, odor, vapor, puncture and other harmful elements. The bags have been designed with re-sealable zipper, which allows one to reseal them to make sure the aroma does not evaporate, or escape from the bag with time.
  • By reckoning your requirements for best herbal incense packaging, there are different designs available to suit your need. We also accept custom design and develop the same through discussion and suggestion to ensure your herbs packaging is up to the mark.
  • Additionally our incense bags are available in all colors and sizes; depending on your needs we also provide custom printing of your logo on these bags as well. Every bag we produce goes through our tight quality control measurements, which will ensure benefits of herbal incense packaging for your business.
  • We recognize the importance of time in herbs packaging, our priority for all herb packaging will be immediate. As a result of this, we make deliveries within 3-4 working days from the order date.

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